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New Beverage of Choice For Political Risk Analysts: Mexican Kool-Aid

2013.01.10.Mexican Kool AidIan Bremmer is on the take.

Eurasia Group released its “Top Risks for 2013” report last week. It’s interesting, and it’s worth reading if political risk is your sort of thing. But pretty early on this part stood out to me (boldface emphasis is mine):

“It’s worth breaking down emerging markets into three broad categories:

A – becoming developed. These are governments with the tools to respond effectively to domestic and international challenges and continue to put policies in place that make investment more attractive over time, reducing the chances of sudden crises. Many emerging markets in Latin America are in this basket. In part, that’s a structural advantage: the lack of geopolitical turmoil in the region and the ability of many Latin American governments to “pivot” in a more fragmented globalization environment. But it’s also a result of the work of three leaders who enter 2013 with significant political capital: post-Lula, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff; post-Uribe, Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos; and, the most exciting story, post-Calderon, Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto–one of the only leaders in the emerging market space willing and able to advance structural economic reforms.

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Ed Sullivan interview with Fidel Castro 10 days after coming to power


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