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How Zimbabwe’s public account is worth less than an iPad

2013.02.04.100-trillion-dollar-note-zimbabweOr iPod, or dinner and drinks for four in certain cities, or most plane tickets…

Fareed Zakaria, on his weekly GPS show, ran a segment on this story yesterday. I’ve been trying to find the video clip of this particular segment but for some reason it isn’t listed on the GPS blog. I did however find a transcript of the segment for some reason published on a website called “Electric Light and Power“. In any event I thought it worth keeping track of, so here it is cut-and-pasted:
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Do not miss this: Blood Lily

After 12 years of being out of touch, I’ve just reconnected on LinkedIn with an old work colleague from a previous life of mine named Mason Cranswick. Apparently this is what he’s been up to:

Scott is facing bankruptcy amid the turmoil that grips the financial markets of 2008. He is saved when money is transferred to his account from an unexpected source. We flash back to war-torn 1970’s Rhodesia where Scott is growing up as a privileged white boy alongside his best friend, Simba, a black boy, on his parents’ farm …

A sweeping tale of naivety, treachery, war and genocide, of love and friendship…and ultimately of hope and regeneration.

I cannot wait to read this. Book website is here.

Renaissance Asset Managers’ Sven Richter likes Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

From ABN’s power lunch, July 27. Specifically, Richter likes Kenya for its banks, consumer goods and its status as a hub in the best integrated region in East Africa, Nigeria for its telecom potential and Zimbabwe for its progress with political sanctions from the EU. Also, direct investment in Africa makes more sense than proxy investment through companies headquartered in developed countries that claim activity in Africa. The full video is eight minutes and overall a pretty good summary of the general macro outlook in African markets. Original link here.