Diverging Markets Focusing on Financial Media Strategy

Several factors have converged in recent years to increase demand for strategic communications expertise in the financial industry. As a result, many firms accustomed to maintaining a low profile and focused solely on returns are now engaging in more public conversations, often demanding engagement with financial media. There is a growing consensus that the potential longer term costs of remaining detached from public engagement outweigh the shorter-term benefits.

In response to this shift, Diverging Markets is now concentrating its efforts on designing and implementing communications campaigns in economics and finance.

At present, we offer strategic knowledge and tactical expertise for the following:

  • Crisis communications / Reputation management
  • Digital communications / Social media strategy
  • Guest writing articles / White paper campaigns
  • Event marketing / Media training

We are actively seeking partners, clients and other interested participants.

I can be reached as always by email at ulysses@divergingmarkets.com and by twitter @DivergingMarket.

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