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Wasatch’s Laura Geritz likes Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka

Maybe this is just my bias, but there’s something about the way Fox Business News discusses frontier markets funds and investing that makes me wonder why they even bother. But then, I suppose something is ultimately better than nothing. Anyway the real focus of this is Wasatch’s Laura Geritz out of Salt Lake City. Notice her counter to the awkwardly phrased BRIC question, as well as what draws Wasatch to frontier markets: low debt/GDP ratio and strong domestic consumer economies:

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Infograph: Updated investment profile for Myanmar

An updated profile of investors and foreign direct investment in Myanmar:

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Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.08.31

“Both at the macro-economic and company level, reports suggest that Chinese companies are increasingly short of cash – and are having to resort to ever more desperate means to get hold of it. The overall picture is hard to grasp, given a scarcity of data, but the evidence is multiplying.” — beyondbrics

Analysts predict China GDP growth to plunge to under 5% in 2012 and 0% in 2013 — Bloomberg TV

What Future for China’s Investments in Africa? — Robert Amsterdam
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