Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.06.21

Ecuador says WikiLeaks founder Assange is seeking asylum — CNN
Turkey upgraded to one level below investment grade — Bloomberg
Sovereign debt ratings and credit default swap prices are increasingly out of whack. Solution: “Downgrade Europe, upgrade Turkey and some of the strong balance sheet EM countries faster.” — Nomura via beyondbrics
 Mexico Marks the G20’s Latin American Debut — AS/COA

Uruguay Unveils Anti-Money Laundering Plan — InSight

What Does It Mean to Argue that “America Is in Decline”? — The Big Think

Should Greece be reclassified as an emerging market? — beyondbrics

Updated political risk profile for Pakistan — Reuters

Unnamed Chinese investor drops US$400 million on Cambodia power plant — Phnom Pehn Post

Nigeria cities in lockdown after deadly riots — Al-Jazeera

Africa and the Green Economy Special Report — FT

Myanmar: How American products slip through sanctions — Global Post

Mexico candidate Peña Nieto seeks Colombia drug fighter as advisor — Daniel Hernandez

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