Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.06.20

Malaysia exchange-traded derivatives notional value expected to grow 7x by 2020 — FT
StanChart Africa research boss backs Bank of Ghana move to halt dollarization — Ghanaweb
Debating growth in China — Michael Pettis
 Not-So-Indian Summer: 5 Reasons to Underweight India — iShares Blog

“India is the Greece of Asia”, “The rupee is a long term buy” — BMI Risk Watchdog

IMF taking handouts: China $43bn, India/Russia/Brazil/Mexico $10bn each, Turkey $5bn — WSJ

Updated profile of Mozambique’s economy — Reuters

Japan unveils boost for clean energy — FT

Nigeria faces $4bn fuel subsidy gap — FT

Japan, Vietnam Launch Rare Earths Technology Facility — International Business Times

India to strengthen economic cooperation with Cuba — China Post

Investors take flight from Egypt — beyondbrics

The most and least peaceful countries in the world — 24/7 Wall Street

Update on Myanmar’s black market for dollars — Myanmar Times

Selected economic indicators in Myanmar — Business Standard of India

“South Africa is a developed market wrapped inside an emerging market” — Ruchir Sharma

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