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Global investors: risk-on, risk-off, bullish, bearish, greedy, fearful, cautious, optimistic, cautiously optimistic

Franklin Templeton’s 2012 Global Investor Sentiment Survey was released last week. It’s pretty broad, and perhaps too broad for certain people to put to practical use, but in looking through the findings, a few things stood out:

Home bias persists everywhere. This is a natural sentiment, but given how unnatural the times are that we live in, I would not have thought it would be so lopsided: 72 percent of survey respondents have less than 20 percent of their portfolios invested abroad. What ever happened to diversification? Continue reading

Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.06.05

Kleiner Perkins being sued for sexual harassment. Wow. — NYT
Argentina plans Evita banknote. Seriously? — Clarin (in Spanish)
EM’s sovereign wealth: the old world’s newest last resort? — beyondbrics
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