Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

Samurai bonds = the New Black

What do Poland, South Korea and Mexico have in common? Apart from an OECD membership, each successfully placed a samurai bond issue in the past month. First let’s look at the tale of the tape and then we’ll think about why any of this matters:

Sources: S&P, Bloomberg, Bloomberg, FT

Ok, so what?
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Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.06.04

Emerging market central banks sell euros — FT
A Less Volatile Way to Access Emerging Markets — iShares Blog
This Graph Is Disastrous for Print and Great for Facebook—or the Opposite! — The Atlantic
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Pop Quiz Monday 2012.06.04: Eurozone Crisis

True or False?

The market cap of the Italian financial sector is now the same as the market cap of Colgate-Palmolive.

The market cap of Portugal equities is the same as that of Whole Foods, the 191st largest stock in the S&P 500.

The market cap of Greece equities ($5.8bn) is the same as that of TripAdvisor, the 400th largest company in the S&P 500.