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Microfinance lending survives, diversifies, despite Eurozone crisis

CGAP’s take on development finance is generally a bit too abstract for me, but its recent report, “How Have Market Challenges Affected Microfinance Investment Funds?” has some interesting nuggets. To me, the main takeaways are these:

Total assets of the 10 largest Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIVs) grew by 7.2 percent in 2011, above the 4.1 percent growth rate in 2010, but still below precrisis levels (e.g., 31 percent in 2008 and 23 percent in 2009)…Although support from investors remained relatively strong, some fund managers interviewed noted that raising private investor capital has become more challenging, mostly due to the negative developments and publicity in several microfinance markets, as well as economic weakness in several European economies.

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Emerging & Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.06.01

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