Emerging and Frontier Markets Headlines 2012.04.09

EVENT: Regulating Global Capital Flows for Development — Brookings
Daniel Izzo on Brazil’s First Impact Investing Venture Capital Firm — Forbes
Will Lower Mobile Money Fees in Kenya, Tanzania be Enough to Stimulate Micropayments? – NextBillion.net

Brazil to ‘Try to Maintain’ Currency at 1.80 Real, O Estado Says — Bloomberg

Don’t Blame the (Chinese) Banks — Patrick Chovanec

Chinese FDI lands in the Caribbean — NYT

Sri Lank Central Bank governor profiles economy — Hindu Business Line

The making of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange — African Capital Markets News

Saudi Billionaire to Invest $600 Million in Ethiopia Cooking Oil — Bloomberg

Zambia manufacturers urge capital controls — Times of Zambia

Asian Development Bank financing more than 200 irrigation projects for US$6.6 billion, with US$1.1 billion worth already pipelined — Online News (Pakistan)

Vietnamese state-owned firm in US$1.5 billion spending scandal — Vietnam News

Dani Rodrik schools Harvard students on Free Trade — Project Syndicate

More Wall Street-listed firms making a move into Africa — Investing in Africa

Upcoming Summit of the Americas to label war on drugs a failure — The Guardian (UK)

Mexico’s Banking System is Resilient, but Global Risks Have Increased, IMF Says — IMF

Emerging-Market Bonds Quench a Yield Thirst — NYT

China’s big banks lend nearly 300 billion yuan in March — Reuters

Iran oil development fund could reach $55bln — Reuters

BG Group to invest $2bn in Brazil’s oil industry — FT

IDB Approves $600 Million Loan for Petrochemical Plant in Mexico — EFE via LAHT

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